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“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” -Isaiah 11:6


Welcome to KinderCub Kennel, where pups and kids grow and play together! Simply put, we are about family. And if the family is happy and secure, the puppy will feel it.

It is our goal to produce a beautiful, healthy line of dogs that grow up with kids of various ages to prepare them for the children in their new families. This produces lasting relationships of joy and love for years to come!

We have 8 children, ranging ages 2 to 18 years old, and you will see them all over the website with our dogs and pups! We will work to find homes that will love and care for our cubs, as they will easily worm their way all the more into the hearts of their new families as they have ours.

With such high devotion to focused family attention, dogs, pups and children will enjoy companionship and love.

our dogs

Here at KinderCub Kennel, we proudly feature 6 CKC registered dogs, all hand-chosen for quality breeding. They have good eyes and beautiful markings. We have 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs and 3 Great Pyrenees that are our primary breeders. All dogs of eligable age, have had their hips and elbows tested and approved.

Sampson is our obedient gentledog. Perfect for producing a good lineage, and beautiful too!

Taffy-Love... sweet to the centre. A fantastic mom and perfectly marked. All she wants to be is where you are.

Steel is strong and bold. Ready to provide you protection and love, he is a true beauty.

Abbé is sweet and gentle with children. She has an outstanding temperament and picture-perfect face!

Suzy, our new European-blood brown Boxer. She is 2 years old, super sweet, and loves snuggles.

Zorro, an American sleek black boxer, is ready to protect and love. Still a young boy, but ready for breeding August 2014.
Interaction is good for our children and our growing and learning pups. It is a natural combination of fascination, one for the other. It is why we are KinderCub... where pups and kids grow and play together!

Find fun stuff for kids here. Enter the KinderCub Kennel Colouring Contest!

Pyrenees Due May 2014!

Pyrenees Puppies are due in May. Keep checking our Pyrenees page!

Bernese Also Due May 2014!

Taffy and Sampson are expecting a new litter May 2014! Check the waitlist to add your reservation. Go!

New Boxer Additions!

Boxers are energetic and fun-loving. Suzy (top), our 2-year old female, and our young boy Zorro (bottom), will begin breeding Summer 2014. They are a great match, with beautifully formed heads and eyes on this pair!

Star Scream, our Goat!

One of many additions to our family. A perfect companion of our Great Pyrenees, and designed to keep our dogs and pups well-equainted with flock animals.

George Passes On

Lost our noble George January 28, 2013. He was rushed to the vet, but passed on during surgery. George lost his life on duty protecting our children... vet said it was a Cougar!

George was an adopted grandpa to all of our pups, and was an aid to all their training and protection. He will be greatly missed by his adopted K-9 family and his human kids and parents here at KinderCub.

George, loyal to the very end.

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